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IV (Intravenous) therapy is designed to deliver health benefits with quick results by feeding much-needed vitamins & nutrients directly into your body.  Each of IV+REVOLUTION’s custom formulas is a special blend of supplements specifically developed to hydrate and refresh; keeping you balanced and whole.  The rigorous grind of work and play is a huge sap of energy for the everyday person on-the-go. With busy schedules and demanding lives, it’s difficult to fit in all of the healthy components required to keep your body running at top speed. IV+REVOLUTION began as a “health & wellness movement”in NJ and is owned by a board-certified physician and operated by licensed medical professionals.  Our mobile spa is clean, beautiful and relaxing and we use hospital grade sterilized products as well as Rx strength medications when needed.  Our staff are professional, courteous and happy to answer any questions you might have.  Most importantly, our treatments are safe and effective and will help you feel great!

Whether you need a pick-me-up, hangover help, or a boost to your immune system, visit the IV+REVOLUTION mobile treatment spa to try one of our top IV solutions or even customize your own.  Our physicians and nurses can help you decide the right treatment and in just 30-50 minutes, you can feel like a whole new healthy you. Experience the benefits of IV Vitamin & Oxygen therapy without wait times, co-pays or referral fees.

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How It Works

Where are we located?

Since we are a mobile medical spa we will have the ability to move around and travel! Follow us on social media for the most up to date info.  Call or email us at 855-549-3728 or [email protected]

How does IV Vitamin Therapy Work?

IV Therapy (Intravenous Therapy) bypasses the digestive tract and therefore vitamins have a significantly higher absorption rate directly into the blood steam. It is the most efficient delivery method of vital nutrients for maximum effect. It is often the quickest way to mitigate fatigue, stress, hangovers and much more. Our treatments vary and typically take only 20-30 minutes with significant results.  

Is IV Vitamin Therapy Safe?

Yes, our treatments are very safe. We use the same high grade fluids, vitamins and medications that hospitals use around the world. There is always a slight risk of allergic reaction, however our licensed medical staff monitors for this and is well experienced to handle it. We use pediatric size IV’s so its possible you might feel a slight pinch. Our mobile spa was created to keep you comfortable and relaxed and get you feeling your best as quickly as possible.  

Are there any side effects during IV Vitamin Treatments and how often can I get an IV treatment?

There are no major side effects usually seen after an IV treatment. If you are a healthy person there should be no problem receiving an IV treatment twice a week.  

Does IV+REVOLUTION accommodate private parties and group rates? What about house calls?

Yes, we can accommodate parties (large and small) as well as corporate events, marathons, concerts & festivals. We can make “house calls” when scheduling allows for an additional fee. Call or email for availability.  

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I woke up the day after a crazy leg workout barely able to walk. I was ridiculously sore! So, I was excited to head over to IV Revolution for some much-needed relaxation.

IV Revolution is New Jersey’s first and only mobile medical spa that offers IV (intravenous) vitamin and oxygen therapy. IV Revolution began as a “health and wellness movement” in NJ and is owned by a board-certified physician and operated by licensed medical professionals.

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Daily grind got you down? Overdo it on wine night? Trying to get that seemingly unattainable Bella Hadid-dewy-glow? A new and totally unique gem in Hoboken just might hold the answer to all those problems: IV+REVOLUTION is a licensed IV solution and medical mobile {yes, mobile!} spa and house call service specializing in IV solutions, oxygen treatments, and booster shots. The HG team had the pleasure of going in for an IV and oxygen package and we were not disappointed by both the experience and results.


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