Athletic Recovery

Athletic Recovery

Enhance your performance in a healthy way. The Re+Fuel drip feeds tired, aching muscles to fight fatigue and will keep you going strong by boosting your energy levels and immunity. Don’t let viral infections and overexertion get in your way. Toughen up your body with the ammo of nutrients that will help you continuously operate at top potential. Re+Fuel is a great recharge for athletes and before or after heavy-duty activities such as weight lifting, marathons, hiking, and intense training.


1000ml Lactated Ringer
Vitamin C

Approx 30 Min

+add 15 min oxygen $19
+add 30 min oxygen $29


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The Benefits

You push your body to its limits, which causes your body to lose essential nutrients. Our board-certified physician designs IV vitamin therapy designed for athletes. We target the nutrients your body is deficient of with our therapy to keep you performing at your best. Additionally, our treatments protect your immune health so that illnesses don’t slow you down from reaching your goals.

  • An athletic recovery that focuses on the nutrients your body loses from heavy and intense workouts
  • Stay hydrated with a targeted formula that offers more than just water, but also the electrolytes your body needs
  • Boost energy levels during your training regimen so you can perform at your best day after day
  • Vitamin C to promote immune health during challenging times when you push your body to its limits
  • Perform at your peak with our athletic recovery before your next competition or event
  • IV therapy targets your muscles and refuels your body so you can keep going
  • Registered nurses perform our services and have vast experience in IV therapy to ensure your comfort
  • Never miss a training day from extreme fatigue that can accompany athletic training
  • We are a Hoboken, New Jersey, IV Vitamin Therapy Boutique offering discounts to our local residents