If you lead the jet-set life of traveling and partying, the Re+Juvenate treatment will quickly become part of your routine. If you don’t bounce back the way you used to, this formula will help cure your hangover or jet lag and rehydrate your system to get you going again. Alcohol causes the body to lose vital electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and magnesium. An extreme focus on hydration will cause nausea and inflammation to subside. Restoring all the essential vitamins and nutrients will give you an immediate rejuvenation from the inside out. After you hit the bar or hop off a plane, schedule your next Re+Juvenate session.


1000ml Lactated ringer
B complex

Famotidine (heartburn & acid reflux)

Toradol (aches & pains)

Approx 30 Min 

+add 15 min oxygen $19
+add 30 min oxygen $29


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The Benefits

Hangover Therapy has many benefits and allows you to get back to feeling your best in a short timeframe. If you enjoy travel but hate the jet lag or want to recover faster from hangovers, allow our IV Vitamin Therapy to do the trick. It’s a natural treatment that uses nutrients your body may be deficient of and treats the source of your ailment. Feel your best at all times with hydration designed for your busy lifestyle.

  • A targeted IV Vitamin Therapy formula that treats hangovers and helps you function at full capacity
  • Hydration that treats the side effects of drinking alcohol, which removes essential nutrients from the body
  • All-natural Jet Lag remedy for those who travel regularly
  • Vitamin B complex aids your body in rejuvenation after traveling or partying
  • Solve nausea and inflammation when you treat the source, which is a lack of essential electrolytes
  • Because we’re based in New Jersey, we can offer special discounts for our local neighbors