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Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy New Jersey

Oxygen Therapy is a popular treatment because it targets so many minds and body areas at once. This therapy has a host of benefits from improving body functions such as digestion and cell metabolism, to increase brain functions like concentration and memory.  Optimizing oxygen intake can also minimize headaches and sinus problems and strengthen your overall immune system. Oxygen will give your body the ability to rest and sleep better while simultaneously optimizing your mind’s daytime performance and alleviating stress. Oxygen works in conjunction with each individual IV solution to enhance its benefits whether your goal is to relieve jet lag, reduce a hangover, speed up recovery,  prepare for athletic performance or get a burst of energy.

Receiving oxygen is safe, healthy and great for those who don’t like needles but still want to feel great!

Oxygen therapy has two varying lengths of treatment depending on the extent of your needs.

Approx 15 Min $25

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Approx 30 Min $39

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You can also boost oxygen for $22 for a large canister, as seen on Shark Tank. To learn more about it please click here. 

The Benefits

Oxygen therapy carries many benefits and is an all-natural treatment for many ailments. Plus, oxygen is an essential element of both your mental and physical health and wellbeing. There’s no need for you to fear oxygen treatment as it’s a perfectly calming and relaxing process that does not involve needles or medical intervention.

  • Oxygen fuels both your body and mind for optimal performance and energy
  • Strengthen your immune system with oxygen therapy
  • Safe, natural remedy for many ailments
  • Great for those who have an aversion to needles as no needles are involved
  • Ideal for patients that experience regular headaches or have sinus problems
  • Sleep better and awaken feeling more rested
  • Board-certified physician ensures your oxygen therapy is administered properly
  • New Jersey-based business offering discounts for local residents
  • Mobile Oxygen therapy in near you!