Beauty & Anti-Aging for healthy skin.

Beauty & Anti-Aging

Searching for the fountain of youth? Try the Re+vitalize formula, which gives you a healthy luminous glow that can only come from the inside out. This liquid beauty is a full body enhancement service that strengthens hair & nails and improves the appearance of skin. The vitamin combination in this IV therapy is complete with Keratin, fortifying ingredients and antioxidants that quickly boost nutrients at the cellular level. This helps slow the aging process while promoting a healthy immune & circulatory system. This instant improvement is ideal to use before important events where you want to look and feel your most beautiful.


1000ml lactated ringers
Alpha Lipolic Acid
Vitamin C

Approx 30 Min 

+add 15 min oxygen $19
+add 30 min oxygen $29


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The Benefits

Re+Vitalize IV Vitamin Therapy helps you look your best. Whether it’s a special event or everyday life that you’re preparing for, allow us to be a part of your Beauty/Skin regimen. Plus, you’ll feel great when you receive our treatments, and with a boost of Vitamin C, you’ll also receive immunity benefits.

  • Get the luminous glow you want from your skin, hair and nails without unnatural treatments
  • Experience full-body benefits when you treat yourself from the inside out by supplying your body the nutrients it needs
  • Slow the aging process with our unique blend of nutrients to start a Beauty/Skin routine that works
  • Prepare for important life events with IV Vitamin Therapy that targets what your body needs to look your best
  • Strengthen your hair and nails with IV Vitamin Therapy, which offers the nutrients your body needs
  • Discover what makes our New Jersey vitamin therapy boutique unique by checking out our Google reviews! We even do house calls for Hoboken, New Jersey, and other nearby communities